History of Hull, Yorkshire, the Humber and Lincolnshire. Myths, legends and stories from the past.
Welcome to the East by Northeast blog
Welcome to the East by Northeast blog

Welcome to the East by Northeast blog

The East by Northeast blog is a new site celebrating the history, as well as the myths and legends, of the great city of Kingston upon Hull and the county of East Yorkshire.

We’re big fans of Hull’s history and love the many fascinating stories from our past.

The City of Culture year did so much to highlight our proud heritage as well as looking forward to a bright future. There are many famous tales, of course, from King Charles being turned back at Beverley Gate, to Amy Johnson’s flight to Australia. Here, however, we’ll be trying to pick up on some of the quirkier and lesser known incidents, events and strange tales from the past 700-odd years.

We certainly won’t be trying to write a general or detailed history – there are many people better placed to do that!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will find some stories here to enjoy.

You can contact us at lovehullhistory@gmail.com

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